Studies forecast, that within a decade 70% of all commercial activity will be managed via the Internet

In recent years, web sites have become the most cost-effective marketing and operational tools for businesses. One click, and your business activity is exposed to millions of potential clients worldwide, presenting you, the business's proprietor, with immense opportunities: the sale of products and/or services, sales management, launch of new products and services into the international marketplace, building clientele, direct marketing and more. The costs of constructing and operating a web site are marginal in comparison with those associated with traditional marketing and promotion activities. Following a careful examination of our clients' Internet requirements, Syslogics has put together a comprehensive Internet package that includes:

  • An analysis of the company's needs
  • Web site characterization and design of navigation interfaces
  • Web site design based on highly advanced technological methods
  • Web site construction
  • Provision of support during the launch process, including receipt of client feedback
  • Web site hosting on servers that ensure optimal surfing speed and availability
  • Future web site upgrades
  • Assistance in maximizing web site exposure and traffic

A professional team, led by a designated project manager serving as your point of contact will be responsible for meeting your needs throughout the web site design and construction process

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